The expanded possibilities of the Zortrax 3D-printers

A few weeks ago, Zortrax launched the newest version of their Z-Suite software. Before, Zortrax was best known for their reliable, high qualitative closed source machine, which could only handle the Z-Filament series. Now, with the new version of Z-Suite (version 1.10.0), it is possible to select External Materials in your software.

This is a big improvement in so many ways. The range of materials is expanding, yet the quality of the prints remains at the same remarkable level. By opening the Zortrax machines to external materials, Zortrax is offering an easy solution for customers who wanted to combine the ease of use and print quality of the Zortrax M200 and M300.

Software and firmware upgrades

Do you need to do some special things to be able to print with external materials? Yes, but nothing out of the ordinary. First, you need to download the newest Z-Suite software (1.10.0). You can download it via the following link: The installation of the software is common.

downloaden Z-suite

Next to the software, you must also upgrade the Firmware of your Zortrax 3D printer. Underneath, you can find the links to the upgrade for both the M200 and M300, as well as a short summary to upgrade your firmware.

Download the newest firmware here:
Zortrax M200
Zortrax M300

downloaden firmware

To update your M200 or M300 to the newest firmware, you must follow the next steps:

  1. Download the .ZIP file. Be aware to have the serial number of your 3D printer, you have to fill it in;
  2. Unpack the “update.bin” file (in the same folder or another one);
  3. Copy this file to the root of your SD-card (as shown on the picture below). It can be possible that you have to format the SD-card before copying the file;
  4. Plug the SD-card in your printer, and start-up your 3D printer;
  5. Your 3D printer will recognize the “update.bin” file and start the firmware update automatically;
  6. Remove the “update.bin” file from your SD-card to avoid conflicts when starting up new prints.

    downloaden firmware2downloaden firmware3

After all of this is done, you can select “Advanced Settings” in the “Print” menu in Z-Suite. When this is activated, you can select “External Materials” in the “Material Group” setting.

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Which materials can be printed?

At Trideus, we did some extensive testing before communicating to you. Besides the Z-Filament series, which can still be used without problems, we have tested the following materials.

If you are interested in the Zortrax M200 or M300, and want to know more about the printer, its possibilities and its print quality, send an email to


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