New Print Cluster Management Software by Ultimaker

In our last blog, we told you about the way Formlabs is setting up print farms and 3D printing clusters. The other big player in our range, Ultimaker, also is setting up 3D printing clusters. Ultimaker keeps on improving the workflow of their printers, making sure everybody can effectively use and manage 3D printing clusters and print jobs, when printing in big numbers.

Ultimaker is now developing a special Print Cluster Management software, which will make 3D printing even more accessible for big businesses and educators. Why? To make sure their results are remarkable.

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3D Printing in a professional environment

Some things we notice, together with Ultimaker, is that more and more companies invest in 3D printing, and especially in setting up print farms. The desktop 3D printers can be put anywhere in the office. The price-quality ratio is amazing, but this set-up has a few challenges. One is to keep all 3D printers running at full capacity 24/7, year in year out. To counter this challenge, Ultimaker developed a new Print Cluster Management solution.

What Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker, has to say about their new Print Cluster Management software, can be read here!

The 3D Print Management Solution

The development of this software, which is ongoing, helps engineers, designers, educators and everyone waiting for this solution to manage multiple Ultimaker units in the same environment. This development is set up together with key accounts of Ultimaker.

Why? Because, as usual, Ultimaker uses the feedback from the users to rectify the software. Paul Heiden, SVP Product Management at Ultimaker has more to say about it here.

A fully-integrated solution

With this new software, user experience of working with the Ultimaker 3 will considerably improved. Ultimaker states that the benefits of the new Print Cluster Management include:

  • Overseeing of prototyping and small-scale production across the organization;
  • Ability to select printers, queue jobs, monitor prints, and receive notifications;
  • Seamless integration and backward compatibility;
  • No requirement for third-party software or additional IT support – only Cura.

These benefits all end up in the following advantages:

  • A better production planning;
  • More reliable, informed manufacturing;
  • A reduced time to market, which makes companies more competitive;
  • An improved product life cycle.


Written by Lana Lozova for

Do you want to read the full story? Check it out here.


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