3D Hubs is an international printing service that introduces the public to nearby 3D printers. If you’ve purchased a 3D printer, this is a great way to partially earn it back or at least cover your costs. It may seem like a challenge – as over 30.000 printers are already listed – but with these inside tricks about pricing, visual appeal and online visibility, you might come out a winner after reading this article.


Expecting to receive an order within minutes of setting up your hub, is kind of unrealistic. You’ll first have to make your hub visually appealing. Go ahead and upload some pictures of your best 3D prints yet, and use a header image showcasing your brand. Feel free to add your business homepage in the visual. Because depending on which business you’re in, 3D Hubs might just help you win over potential clients.

Your ultimate goal may be to earn money, but in order to do so, it is equally important to use 3D Hubs as a branding tool – an extension to your business or private portfolio. Look at it as another online platform to be present on.

how to make money on 3D hubs TIP 1


The first orders will be the trickiest. After printing the required ‘Marvin’ figure to be able to register, you’ll get one decent review – given by 3D Hubs itself. It’s better than nothing, but it’s still just one. Experienced buyers on 3D hubs know this and already have their trusted printers to order from. The first customers you’ll get, are likely to be new to the system and could very well be content with just one review.

But to get those first orders – and reviews – quicker, consider these tricks:

  1. Lower your prices temporarily – Check surrounding hubs’ prices with a random STL file, and then lower your price accordingly.
  2. Call on your friends – You probably have friends or colleagues asking you to print something all the time anyway. Put it to use, and let them order through your hub. You could of course avoid the 3D Hubs fee altogether by printing it directly for the person… But for your hub rating an extra order will make all the difference. We’d advice you to limit this to smaller prints (like a phone case, keyhanger etc) as the fees will be much lower.

Combining these 2 tricks will certainly secure those first orders.

how to make money on 3D hubs TIP 2


The more than 30.000 printers listed should not worry you at all. Many 3D Hubs shoppers like to browse local hubs. As many of them are new to 3D printing or are busy exploring different kinds of printers, they might prefer a local pickup to see the machine or even meet your business.

So don’t expect to ship overseas, as orders will likely come from your own country. You might receive some orders from surrounding countries, but only if your pricing is competitive with shipping included.

how to make money on 3D hubs TIP 3


To save money and find tips number 4 and 5, you can best go to the website of Tripodmaker!

written by Tripodmaker.


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