Ecofriendly 3D prints at Pukkelpop

3D printing is everywhere nowadays. Or at least, it’s getting everywhere, step by step. The next (small) step we have overcome will be a big event called Pukkelpop. In collaboration with UC Leuven Limburg and Tridea (what a coïncidence), we will attend this major music festival on the 18th, 19th and 20th of August.

But why Pukkelpop? The explanation is simple. For quite some years now, Pukkelpop tries to be different. They want to go environmental, a huge step for festivals, who are most know for big trashy camping sites after the festival. The last few years, Pukkelpop and it’s partners try to go green. Having their own Pukkelpop beer, jumping on a custom made power system that converts the vibrations into electricity and recycling facilities on the festival site and the camping.

naamloosSomething most festivals encourage is the collection of plastic PET cups, but Pukkelpop tries to do something useful with these cups. This year, Tridea was called in to convert the PET cups into 100% recycled PET-filament. How they do it will be explained by them at Pukkelpop, but the result is a high qualitative filament (we have been testing it for a few weeks now, we like the results we get).

How does Trideus fit in? Well, as we told you in our first blogpost, PET is one of the materials you can print on an FDM 3D printer. At Pukkelpop, we will be printing with the Tridea filament all weekend long.

We also have a special surprise for the people who help recycle. We have printed unique key chains with the Pukkelpop logo. If you want one, visit us at Baraque Futur next week. We have added a small video to let you know what it looks like.

See you all at Baraque Futur!



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